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Smart TV Apps for Hotels on Philips TVs (based on Android TV)

“3SS has proven yet again to be the ideal partner, and 3Ready the right product platform, to drive our business forward. We strongly believe in the 3Ready Entertainment Ecosystem and its benefits in terms of time-to-market and continuous innovation.”

Jon Espen Nergård, CTO Allente

3Ready For B2B Hospitality

elevating the hotel TV experience

Project Deployed In <6 Months

thanks to SAFe & 3Ready

Hotel Branding & Curation

remotely using Control Center

Allente assigned 3SS to develop a dedicated new app, based on Android TV OS, to launch the service aimed at elevating the ‘hotel TV’ experience. In the first integration for the new service, 3SS created the app to support viewing on TV sets from Philips Professional Display Solutions which are specifically designed for hotels.

Throughout this project, Allente once again benefitted from 3SS’ expertise in modern principles of agile development, including “SAFe” (Scaled Agile Framework), which made it possible to deploy the project in under six months.

The new service gives hotel managers greater flexibility in channel choice, and provides the guest the opportunity to browse content in a way far superior than seen in traditional hotel in-room entertainment systems. The guest can pause and rewind TV shows, watch catchup TV, and more. Hotel-specific information, such as details on facilities and check-out procedures, as well as access to third-party sites that may interest the guest, are also integrated in the 3SS-designed and engineered UI.

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