Hybrid Smart TV Apps for Samsung, LG and Android TV

“It was important to us to enrich the classic, linear broadcast big-screen UX with innovative features that streaming technology brings, such as Catchup, Time shift and Network PVR, and to deliver it all to viewers in one attractive, easy-to-navigate app.”

Thomas Langsenlehner, CEO of simpli services

Unified Access

to DVBLive TV & OTT on Samsung

Hybrid Smart TV Apps

on Samsung Tizen & LG webOS

Preloaded App

on 2021 Samsung Smart TVs

Austria’s national broadcasting services provider ORS has launched three smart TV apps, designed, engineered and delivered by 3SS, for its new simpliTV service.

From a technical point of view, the biggest achievement in this project is the hybrid approach. Next-gen apps are now live and delivering an advanced big-screen UX via DVB-T2 (terrestrial), DVB-S2 (satellite) and OTT for Samsung Tizen and Android TV smart TV owners across Austria. These new apps enable seamless switching between DVB-T2 live TV to time shift via streaming.

The new simpliTV app is a preferred Live TV application on 2021 Samsung smart TVs sold in Austria. It auto-installs on initial TV set-up, effectively making the app pre-loaded, available out-of-the-box with no effort from the TV owner. The app also automatically installs on newly purchased 2019 and 2020 models. This was achieved through deep and complex technical integration between simpliTV and Samsung, in which the tuners of the TVs are accessed to accommodate traditional broadcast signals.

3SS has also developed a third simpliTV app to support OTT viewing on LG webOS smart TVs. The three new apps, all powered by 3SS’ multiple award winning 3READY Product Framework, are now downloadable from Samsung Apps, Google Play Store and LG Content Store.

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