Android TV Operator Tier based DVB-C & OTT Multiscreen

"We are really excited to be working with 3SS and SDMC as we know both share our core value of customer-centricity, and our drive to provide real value to TV viewers with a compelling, easy-to-use all-in-one entertainment experience. We’re delighted to be bringing a new, world class TV offering to our subscribers and to the wider marketplace.”

Javier Ruete, CEO

Unified Experience Management

using Control Center on all devices

200k Subscribed Homes

in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina

Seamless Multiscreen Experience

Android TV STB, Android & iOS

TCC provides pay-TV services in the country’s capital, Montevideo, including cable (146 DVB-C channels) and OTT via its TCC VIVO platform along with 3SS-engineered apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. The new next-gen hybrid+multiscreen TCC VIVO service is now available with customized 3SS-designed launcher on the SDMC STB, offering access through a single device to all Live and VOD content in an experience that integrates all TCC’s content sources and networks.

Furthermore, TCC is offering the new hybrid Android TV-based software platform as a B2B SaaS under the ‘ZetaTV’ brand ( to the wider pay-TV industry in Latin America, for DVB-C, OTT or both, using a licensing business model. As a result, TCC is extending its technology, 3READY-enriched UX and quality standards to its operator-customers in Uruguay and elsewhere in the region for their own next-gen Android TV projects.

In November 2019, TCC appointed 3SS as prime integrator for the project. TCC decided to build its next-gen service on increasingly popular Android TV OS Operator Tier. This is Google’s game-changing proposition for operators aiming to deliver TV products featuring the array of attractive apps in the Google Play Store, with Google Assistant and Chromecast pre-integrated, all within an advanced operator-branded experience.

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