Kids-only Multiscreen Service for Android TV & Fire TV

“Covid-19 galvanized our will to accelerate the launch and 3SS demonstrated great responsiveness. Our project really benefitted from the positive mindset of 3SS’ people, and our close collaboration. The 3READY Framework and SAFe methodologies yielded amazing results, and in our many usability tests, kids clearly found TOGGO easy to navigate and engaging.”

Robert Dube

Head of Product TOGGO

Unified UX Management

using 3READY Control Center

Made For Kids

Aimed to benefit 0-13 year olds

Ready For Transformation

From TV channel to content hub

Aimed at youngsters aged 0-13 years, TOGGO will see a staged service launch, starting with a 3SS-engineered Fire TV app, to be followed by a range of other apps. TOGGO will progressively be rolled out for audiences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The launch of TOGGO’s Fire TV app followed highly successful viewer testing.

By taking advantage of 3SS’ 3READY Framework, the initial phase of the TOGGO rollout was completed within six months. 3READY Control Center is providing SUPER RTL with a powerful customer experience management tool that gives real-time control over presentation of content, features and branding of all apps all from one location. So SUPER RTL can at any time efficiently A/B test, adapt and improve TOGGO based on viewer feedback.

SUPER RTL continues to benefit from its adoption of modern principles of agile development. Embracing the principles of “SAFe” (Scaled Agile Framework) results in faster, high-quality system deployments, and high levels of efficiency in product development, with engaged, more motivated individuals and teams.

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