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Home Screen: 3READY Android TV
Home Screen: Canal Digital OnePlace
Home Screen: Com Hem Tv Hub
Home Screen: Joyn (Fire TV)
Home Screen: Kividoo (Fire TV)
Home Screen: Swisscom Entertainment OS 3

Android TV

3READY Android TV: Channels API


EPG (Grid): 3READY Android TV
Mini-EPG: 3READY Android TV


3READY Assistant: "Action Movies" (Cloud-to-cloud)
3READY Assistant: "Action Movies" (Without Cloud-to-cloud)
3READY Assistant: "Aquaman" (Cloud-to-cloud)
3READY Assistant: "Aquaman" (Without Cloud-to-cloud)
3READY Assistant: News triggered directly (Cloud-to-cloud)
3READY Assistant: Sports triggered by Nest Hub (Cloud-to-cloud)


Control Center

3READY CC: Get Started
3READY CC: Create new page
3READY CC: Add subpage
3READY CC: Add module
3READY CC: Change module order
3READY CC: Add service filter and sorter
3READY CC: Page branding

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